Ultimate-Builder.com Privacy Policy
Last Updated Jan 04, 2006
Version 2.0


At Ultimate-Builder we recognize that you have legitimate concerns about your privacy on the Internet.  This document defines what data we collect from you, what it is used for, and under what circumstances it could possibly be shared.

What Data This Policy Applies To

Please note that this document only applies to Ultimate-Builder content.  In other words, this policy applies to U-B login pages, U-B custom tools, and any other content created by Ultimate-Builder Inc.  Other pages on this website may contain content created by our Association partners.  This content is not under our control and you should check to see if it has its own privacy policy.  The same is true of any sites we externally link to, or any websites we are co-branded with.

Data We Automatically Collect

Upon visiting Ultimate-Builder.com some information is collected such as: your operating system, browser, screen resolution, and the site you were on previous to ours.  This information is used to study demographics, to determine which of our pages or features are most popular, and which features need to be worked on.

Data You Give To Us

It is entirely possible to visit our site, and use many of it's features without ever telling us who you are.  Certain features however, will require that we gather more information from you.  This information is gathered when you register for an Ultimate-Builder user account.  If you don’t need or want a user account, you won’t need to give us this information.


A cookie is a bit of information that a website leaves on a visitor's computer.  This information is used to help make your experience go smoothly, by remembering your password and other pieces of information so that you do not have to enter them so often.  If you are opposed to this, you can block cookies if your browser permits it.

Legal Requests

Ultimate-Builder will disclose (and you grant us permission to do so in agreeing to our service terms) personal information to government or law enforcement officials in response to a verified request relating to an investigation of criminal or alleged illegal activity.  This is done to help protect you and the rest of our community from fraudulent people and/or behavior.


Changes to this document are made effective seven days after users have been informed of their changes, or immediately upon registration of a new account.